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Bruce McClure

Bruce McClure has been a night sky and space writer and editor for EarthSky since early 2004. He is the chief writer for the popular EarthSky Tonight pages. He also writes astronomy articles, gives planetarium shows and hosts a wide assortment of public astronomy programs in and around his home in upstate New York. If you ask an astronomy question on our site, it’s likely to be Bruce that answers it. His love for the heavens has taken him to Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, and he has sailed the North Atlantic, earning his celestial navigation certificate through the School of Ocean Sailing and Navigation. Bruce is also a sundial aficionado. He says his "number one passion"- besides his wife Alice - is stargazing. He believes the scroll of the lore-laden heavens, written in a language universal and more enduring than any human artifice, is our shared heritage. And he shares EarthSky's vision for stewardship, hoping future generations will enjoy uncontaminated air, soil and water, and a clear window to the universe.